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Your environmental protection is our value

The reliable partner for government, commercial and residential property owners in Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Delaware

The BBE Way

Our personalized approach to each client, with highly trained environmental experts, enables us to deliver an authentic and cost-effective experience

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We commit to safety and innovation

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we are here when you need us! 

Services that hit the mark

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We offer full range of services consisting of:

  • Asbestos Air Monitoring | Clearance

  • Asbestos Surveys | Inspection

  • Lead free XRF Inspection

  • Lead full risk reduction Dust wipe 

  • Lead abatement project monitoring

  • Mold Sampling & Analysis

  • Mold abatement clearance 

  • Radon short- and long-term sampling

  • Water sampling for lead, nitrate and bacteria

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Abatement / Remediation

We offer full range of services consisting of:

                 Asbestos Remediation

  • Lead Remediation

  • Mold Remediation

  • Water Damage Restoration 

  • Hazardous Waste | Recycling

  • Fire damage restoration


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About us


Provide exceptional service from day one.

Create a sustainable environment and community with innovative solutions.

Design un-compromised consultancy and guidance.


Guide and lead the environmental industry by relying on a team of professionals at the forefront of innovation focused on customer satisfaction

Trust us with your project

Like the many customers before you...

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US Department of State, HEP Construction, USDA, Center City PCS,...

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